A Focused Eye Photography

A Focused Eye Photography is the unerring Eye that reflects life, art, beauty, movement, dreams and it's all about the love... the essence of love!

Love of life and every unique aspect from its stillness to its perpetual motion against transitioning skies the constant backdrop lit by shades of the sun or phases of the moon. across rugged mountains, expansive deserts or the living oceans... 

Images of love... Swaying sensual bodies in a dance of Love, moments of laughter, joy and passion --- sighs, moans, screams, giggles and groans... and even tearful embraces

Visuals of nightlife and daylife filled with the hustling and bustling movements of our kinetic energy moving at just the right pace or not at all

In every captured moment of life Love is there waiting to be discovered, nurtured and given the freedom to just be The Love

Find it and warmly it caresses you. Lose it, and for that instant, it lessens you until you breath.

Embrace it , and you will grow beyond your wildest imagination realizing that it is limitless ... so seek The Love, feel The Love, give The Love, embrace The Love and more importantly,

Be The Love you always knew you were...

That is why A Focused Eye Photography  invites you to let us Creatively share your moments that are ---All About The Love!

Dedicated to Lorena Gimenez (1972 - 2014) Loving Wife, dynamic entrepreneur, and amazing 

Focused Eye.

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