About - afocusedeye

Ron Samuels-- the Principal Eye of  A Focused Eye Photography is an energetic photographer/photojournalist/Journeyist and committed Entrepreneur. His intro to photography was greatly influenced by the likes of Gordon Parks, James Vander Zee, along with  images from his youth (Life, Time, National Geographics, Ebony, Jet and More).  "Street photography" was his first love, however through education and experience the subjects/subject matter have expanded significantly. The beauty of people, places, love of movement, Serenity and Life can be seen in all his images. Capturing  moments on the go in the streets of New York and when or where the action is happening  on Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro s what drives him. Ron's images and  photography credits are from communities across the globe. For him the possibilities are 

"When the thought of capturing a moment in time was planted in my head I was 5 yrs old with my first Brownie camera... That's when my Journey began and hasn't stopped yet.

Dedicated to mi Lore 1972-2014